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Get Started with New Google Gemini AI Model

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Get Started with New Google Gemini AI Model – Google has launched its new Gemini AI model, though only a limited version exists. The Gemini Pro model can be accessed for free inside Google’s Bard chatbot. In addition, Pixel 8 Pro users can take advantage of Gemini’s text suggestion capabilities in WhatsApp, with integration into Gboard coming soon.

At the moment, only the text-based capabilities of Gemini are enabled in Bard, with multimodal features like processing images and video to come later. The model is also only available in English now, though support for other languages is planned. As with past AI updates from Google, Gemini is not yet usable in the European Union.

Despite its premium name, Gemini Pro does not require any payment to use within Bard. In contrast, ChatGPT charges a $20 monthly fee to access its newest GPT-4 model. Google has not announced any Gemini subscriptions, but it teased an upgraded “Gemini Ultra” chatbot called Bard Advanced that may arrive in 2024.

To try Gemini Pro today, visit Bard in your browser and log in with your Google account. Some Google Workspace users may need to switch to their account. Do expect some glitches, as this is still an experimental product. When working correctly, Bard can integrate with other Google services – prompt it to summarize your Gmail inbox or explore YouTube video topics, for example. Our past tests showed potential, but there are still issues to resolve.

The future Gemini Ultra model aims to handle more complex, multimodal tasks across text, images, audio, video and code. A scaled-down “Gemini Nano” powers the AI-generated text suggestions in WhatsApp for Pixel 8 Pro phones.

As you experiment with any chatbot, remember their tendency sometimes to lie or give nonsensical responses. Check out our guide on crafting better prompts for the Bard bot if you need inspiration.

What is the specialty of Google Gemini AI?

Google’s Gemini AI represents an advance in multimodal AI systems. Unlike previous models, which focused mainly on language, Gemini has been engineered to process multiple data types simultaneously – including text, computer code, audio, images and video. This allows more complex and meaningful interactions spanning different modes of information.

Rather than just analyzing text inputs and producing text outputs like simpler AI assistants, Gemini takes a more human-like approach. Its versatile architecture can ingest diverse media inputs, reason about them in connected ways, and generate responsive outputs adapted to various situations.

This interplay of different skill domains hints at the dawn of more general artificial intelligence. While still narrow in scope compared to human cognition, Gemini moves closer. Its blend of language, visual, auditory and logical capabilities provides a strong foundation for further AI progress.

As Gemini rolls out, it promises to enrich products like Google’s Bard search chatbot. But its longer-term impact may prove even more profound if techniques powering its flexibility can continue to advance. Google has aimed high with this AI – the coming years will reveal how closely its reach matches its grasp.

Questions Raised Over Authenticity of Google’s Gemini Demo

Google’s demo video for its Gemini conversational AI model appears staged in a misleading way. The video shows Gemini smoothly answering successive questions about images, implying real-time capabilities. However, analysis indicates the video was pieced together after the fact using separate still images and text prompts rather than continuous dialogue. While the capabilities shown may be accurate, the seamless interactivity depicted in the video does not reflect the true sequence of events.

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