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Adsense Website Is Still Stuck On “Getting Ready”

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Adsense Website Is Still Stuck On “Getting Ready” – Many website owners eagerly await approval for Google AdSense so they can start monetizing their content. However, sometimes AdSense gets stuck on “Getting Ready” for weeks or months. This is understandably frustrating when you want to start earning money from ads. In this post, we’ll explain why AdSense approval gets delayed and a trick to get it moving within 24 hours.

Why Does AdSense Approval Get Delayed?

There are a few common reasons why AdSense approval takes longer than expected:

  • Technical issues in detecting your site’s content
  • Concerns about the website content quality or layout
  • The high volume of applications leads to a queue
  • Need for manual review due to the matters detected automatically

Overall, Google wants to ensure each website meets its publisher guidelines before approving AdSense. But it’s natural to get impatient when you’ve been waiting for weeks.

The 24-Hour AdSense Approval Trick

Luckily, a simple but effective trick can prompt Google to review and approve your AdSense application within a day. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Adsense page and scroll down
  • Click on “feedback” button on the left bottom (A popup window will open on the right)
  • Take a full webpage screenshot showing your AdSense publisher ID and a “Getting Ready” message.
  • Write a detailed note explaining your long wait to Google AdSense support.
  • Attach the screenshot to the form and click on send button.
  • Including the unique screenshot and message signal an urgent issue that is typically prioritized for manual review. Many publishers have reported rapid AdSense approval using this method when stuck in limbo for weeks.

Request for Manual Review of Pending AdSense Application

Dear AdSense Team,

I would greatly appreciate if you could manually review my website and provide an update on whether it meets the publisher guidelines for approval. Getting approved sooner would allow me to better plan and utilize advertising on my content.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I look forward to hearing back regarding the status of my pending AdSense application once reviewed by your team.

Best regards,
Your name

The key is being detailed yet polite in your message so the support team understands the problem and helps approve your application faster. But overall, it is an easy trick that saves needing to contact Google through other means, which may take longer.


If your AdSense application has been stuck at “Getting Ready” for a prolonged time, use the 24-hour manual review trick to ask Google for prompt assessment politely and hopefully swift approval. This straightforward technique has worked for many publishers waiting impatiently to monetize content through relevant Google ads.

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