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How Can I Drink More Water & Benefits of Drinking Water

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Benefits of Drinking Water – Water is essential for life, yet many people need to drink more of it in their daily routines. Drinking water provides tremendous health benefits and helps your body function optimally. This article will discuss easy tips for drinking more water and highlight the many benefits you’ll gain.

Make Water Convenient and Accessible

The easiest way to drink more water is always to have it close by. Keep a reusable water bottle at home on your desk, nightstand, coffee table, or other places you frequent. Water near your workspace and relaxation areas ensures you see it and take regular sips. Pack water bottles in your bag whenever leaving home to drink during commutes, running errands, at the gym, or other activities. The more often you make water readily available, the more you’ll automatically drink.

Infuse Your Water with Fruit


People need to pay more attention to water because they find its taste boring. But adding fruit can make your water tastier, so you look forward to drinking it. Citrus like lemons, limes, and oranges provide refreshing zing. Berries, melons, pineapple, and kiwi also add sweetness. Cucumbers, mint leaves, and jalapenos even can provide cooling sensations. Get creative mixing and matching fruits to create infused waters you enjoy.

Set Water Consumption Reminders

It’s easy to get distracted, and you must remember to drink enough water as you go about your day. Combat this issue by setting hourly reminders telling you to consume more fluids. Useful tools include the alarm on your watch or phone and apps specifically designed to monitor water intake. When each notification pops up, put other activities aside and drink at least 8 ounces of water before moving on.

Carry a Water Log

Hold yourself accountable for meeting daily water consumption goals by recording intake in a water log. Jot down each time you have a drink, along with the amounts. Track your ounces as you progress during the day, aiming to hit at least the recommended 64 ounces for women or 80 for men. Logging water reinforces good hydration habits, plus the satisfaction of filling your log motivates you to seek out more liquids.

Drink a Glass First Thing

An easy way to kickstart higher water consumption is to drink some immediately upon waking before consuming anything like coffee or breakfast. Your body becomes dehydrated overnight, so replenishing fluids after sleep primes your cells, regulates temperature, brings oxygen to organs, and lubricates joints. Making water the first liquid hitting your mouth gets your day off to a healthy start.

Benefits of Drinking More Water

Now that you know easy ways to increase water consumption, understanding the many health perks gained will further motivate you to stick to proper hydration. Be encouraged, knowing all these benefits can be yours just by consciously drinking more daily water.

Boosts Energy Levels

Being adequately hydrated combats fatigue by getting oxygen and nutrients delivered to cells efficiently, giving you an energy surge. This makes daily tasks feel easier and improves athletic performance.

Enhances Brain Function

Your brain depends on water to function properly since hydration increases electrical signals transduced between neurons, leading to quicker thinking skills, better memory, and better moods.

Promotes Heart Health

Staying hydrated ensures blood can flow freely, lowering strain on your heart and chances of developing issues like high blood pressure or cholesterol while reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Drinking water before meals fills you up, so less food is consumed, lowering caloric intake, which can boost weight loss, especially when substituted for high-calorie beverages. Water also gives metabolism a slight boost, burning extra calories.

Flushes Out Toxins

Water helps the kidneys and liver filter waste and toxins out of your body through increased urination and healthy bowel movements, eliminating constipation. Toxins can contribute to skin conditions, weight gain, high blood pressure, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and digestive problems.

Minimizes Joint Pain

The cartilage cushioning your joints depends on water to stay lubricated and prevent painful friction as it moves. Cartilage dries out and loses elasticity when dehydrated, meaning simple daily activities can become uncomfortable.

Clears Skin & Minimizes Acne

Skin cells plump up better with proper hydration, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. Water also clears pores of oil and dead cells that can contribute to acne and leaves skin radiant.

Improves Immunity

Insufficient liquids ensure protective white blood cells and antibodies can circulate freely to stave off bacteria and viruses, providing stronger immunity against common colds and illnesses.

The health and wellness benefits gained from drinking more water are extensive. Follow the simple tips in this article to increase your daily water consumption; soon, you’ll feel and look better than ever!

What are the Benefits of Drinking Water?


Drinking Water Boosts Energy Levels.
Drinking Water Enhances Brain Function.
Drinking Water Promotes Heart Health.
Drinking Water Facilitates Weight Loss.
Drinking Water Flushes Out Toxins.
Drinking Water Minimizes Joint Pain.
Drinking Water Clears Skin & Minimizes Acne.
Drinking Water Improves Immunity.

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