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The World Largest San Alfonso Del Mar Resort Swimming Pool

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The San Alfonso Del Mar resort is located on the Chilean coastline near the city of Algarrobo. It holds the Guinness World Record for having the biggest crystalline lagoon-style swimming pool in the world. This massive pool stretches an astonishing 3,323 feet long, covering 20 acres with 66 million gallons of desalinated ocean water.

When developers were designing the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in the late 1990s, they wanted a centerpiece that would set the luxury resort apart from others worldwide. The answer was to create a gigantic, beach-like swimming pool that would allow guests to swim, kayak, or even sail as if they were in the ocean. The technology to build such a massive saltwater pool didn’t exist then, so they pioneered new filtration and circulation systems to make it a reality.

The pool utilizes the latest water purification technology to bring new desalinated seawater and filter out the old continuously. Its immense size creates challenges not found in traditional pools, like dealing with varying water temperatures from one end to the other. Advanced circulation systems ensure proper cleaning and avoid stagnation. The maintenance required to maintain such a pool properly is staggering, as millions of gallons of water must be constantly moved and filtered.

For guests, the result is a pool experience like no other. Its vast size means plenty of room for social areas or quiet solitude. The pool has several sections – a large central lagoon, two elongated lap lanes stretching the pool’s length, and separate Laguna Joya areas perfect for relaxation. Its beach-like design includes in-water lounge chairs and shaded sundecks with palm trees dotting the water’s edge. Activities abound, from swimming to kayaking to stand-up paddle boarding. At night, the pool comes alive with a choreographed lighting show.

The San Alfonso Del Mar pool has made a splash as a must-see wonder of the resort world. Its sheer size and innovative design set it apart, offering poolside luxury not found anywhere else across the globe. For beach lovers who enjoy a good swim, it’s as magnificent as it is mind-boggling.

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