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Indian Boy Sarvagya Vaibhav Kulshreshtha Solves Rubik Cube While Cycling

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Sarvagya Vaibhav Kulshreshtha Solves Rubik Cube While Cycling – The classic Rubik’s Cube has stumped countless people over generations. As kids, we fiddled endlessly with the colorful cube, trying to get each side to match. Maybe you figured it out and peeled off the stickers in frustration! But have you heard about the Indian boy who solved the tricky cube while riding a bicycle?

Get this – 16-year-old Sarvagya Vaibhav Kulshreshtha from Rajasthan didn’t just solve the cube on a bike. He set a brand-new Guinness World Record for the fastest time!

How’s that possible, you wonder? Solving a Rubik’s Cube requires deep focus and stable hands. Riding a bicycle demands balance and coordination. Doing both together seems as likely as a snowball surviving the Sahara!

But clearly, “impossible” isn’t part of Sarvagya’s vocabulary. In May 2022, he amazed spectators by cracking the mixed-up Rubik’s Cube in just 13.9 seconds. All while briskly cycling along a 200-meter track!

Dressed in a helmet and gloves, Sarvagya twisted and turned the puzzle at lightning speed. His eyes remained glued to the cube as his feet moved the bike forward. Within seconds, he had aligned all six faces to a solid color, much to the crowd’s shock and delight

This sensational accomplishment has since smashed the previous Guinness record of 16.9 seconds. It has also made Sarvagya somewhat of an Internet sensation!

For now, he’s more than earned his place in the ranks of legendary speedcubers and won a spot amongst the most gifted talents emerging from India! It may inspire more kids to try solving problems while pogo-sticking, skating, or even skydiving! No mountain seems too steep for the next generation of thrill-seeking geniuses!

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