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CSS Screening Test Preparation Strategies

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The screening test for Central Superior Services (CSS) is taken before the written examination. The Federal Cabinet of Pakistan authorized the test and made it mandatory. You are not eligible to apply for the CSS written test if you did not pass the CSS Screening Test. MPT Test is another name for the screening test. For students and commission, the screening test offers numerous time-saving options. The screening test’s objective is to choose applicants for the written CSS exams.

CSS Screening Test Preparation Strategies

  1. CSS Exam Approach: Treat the CSS screening test with the same level of seriousness as the actual CSS exam. Focus on mandatory subjects, including Islamic Studies, Urdu, English, General Abilities, and General Knowledge.
  2. Time Management: Practice effective time management skills, particularly crucial for the multiple-choice format. Prioritize easier questions to ensure efficient use of time during the exam.
  3. Review and Recheck: Allocate time for a thorough review and rechecking of your answers. Ensure that all questions are answered, and revisit any uncertainties for possible corrections.
  4. Follow a Schedule: Establish a disciplined study schedule to ensure comprehensive coverage of subjects. Allocate time for both content study and regular practice of multiple-choice questions.
  5. Newspaper Reading: Enhance language skills and stay updated on current affairs by regularly reading newspapers in both English and Urdu. This practice is essential for success in the screening test and the main exams.
  6. Practice Past Papers: Utilize online resources to practice with past CSS papers. Gain insights into the exam pattern, identify areas for improvement, and manage your time effectively during the exam.
  7. Revision Techniques: Prioritize regular revision to reinforce key concepts. Consider note-taking and the use of flashcards as effective techniques for memorization and retention.
  8. Study Buddy System: Collaborate with a study buddy for mutual progress tracking. This partnership allows for collaborative learning, revising together, and addressing each other’s concerns.
  9. Seek Guidance from Experienced Individuals: Connect with CSS exam alumni for valuable insights and advice. Learn from those who have successfully navigated the CSS exam process, gaining inspiration and addressing any apprehensions in your preparation journey.

Deconstruction of the topics and scores

Sr. no





Islamic studies

If you are a non-Muslim though, you can refer to civics and ethics.

If you wish you can also opt for Islamic studies




This includes grammar, translation, usage




This includes vocabulary, grammar usage, and comprehension



General Abilities

This includes basic arithmetic level, algebra level, and geometry level, logical problem-solving, and analytical abilities. This also includes mental abilities



General knowledge

This includes everyday science, current affairs, and Pakistan affairs


Total Marks 200

Why you should choose Tabir Academy for CSS Screening Test Preparation?

Proven Method for Great Results: Tabir Academy has a well-established and effective method that has been proven to yield excellent results. It implies that the academy’s approach to test preparation has been successful in helping students achieve high scores.

Learning Box for Complex Concepts: Tabir Academy employs a Learning Box, indicating a specialized technique to understand complex or challenging concepts. This involve a unique teaching method or resource specifically designed to simplify difficult topics for better comprehension.

Top-Quality MCQs at Various Difficulty Levels: The inclusion of high-quality Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) spanning different difficulty levels (Low, Medium, and High) implies a comprehensive and diverse set of practice questions. This ensures students are well-prepared for any level of complexity in the actual test.

Progress Tracking and Time Management: Tabir Academy provides tools for tracking progress and managing time effectively. This feature helps students monitor their advancement in preparation, ensuring they cover all necessary areas while efficiently allocating time for each.

Streamlined Test Preparation Journey: This feature emphasizes a structured and efficient approach to test preparation. It involves planning and execution strategies to simplify the process, making it more manageable for students.

Smart and Fast-Paced Preparation: Tabir Academy employs a Targeted Learning approach, suggesting a smart and fast-paced preparation strategy. This method helps students focus on specific areas where they may need improvement, ultimately saving time and energy.

Boost Confidence Level with Level-Wise System: Tabir Academy utilizes a level-wise system that incrementally boosts students’ confidence. As students’ progress through different levels, they gain a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence in their preparation.

Content Aligned with Paper Pattern: Tabir Academy provides content aligned with the paper pattern of the exam. This ensures that candidates are familiar with the format, reducing panic during the actual test as they have practiced within the same pattern.


The CSS screening test is a crucial step before the actual CSS exam. The tips for preparing for this test are straightforward: take it seriously, manage your time wisely, review your answers, stick to a study schedule, read newspapers regularly, practice with past papers, and revise regularly. Having a study buddy and seeking advice from experienced individuals can also be beneficial.

Now, when it comes to choosing a preparation resource, Tabir Academy stands out. They have a proven method that works, a unique approach to handling tricky concepts, and a variety of practice questions at different difficulty levels. Their tools help you track your progress, manage your time effectively, and follow a streamlined preparation journey. With a focus on boosting confidence through a level-wise system and aligning content with the exam pattern, Tabir Academy ensures you’re well-prepared and familiar with the test format. Choosing Tabir Academy means choosing a reliable and effective path to success in the CSS screening test and beyond.

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